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Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs) Vegetarian

Triangular shaped stuffed peas & potatoes.
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Vegetarian Pakora Vegetarian

Assorted fresh veggies deep fried in batter.
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Nepali Spring Roll (4pcs) Vegetarian

Stuffed with cabbage, carrots, celery, onions & spice.
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Paneer Pakora Vegetarian

Indian style low fat cheese, fried in batter.
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Paneer Chili Spicy Vegetarian

Homemade cheese, pepper, onion sautéed with green chilli and Indian he...
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Kathmandu Pot Sticker (Momo) (6 pcs)

Kathmandu Pot Sticker (Momo) (6 pcs) Vegetarian

Dumpling stuffed with vegetables.
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Sabzi Platter

Sabzi Platter Vegetarian

Combination of rani tikki, spring roll, paneer pakora, samosa and vegetable...
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Alu Tikki (3 pcs)

Alu Tikki (3 pcs) Vegetarian

Ground mixed vegetables patties, deep fried.